Transforming Expression Creativity Retreat

Invigorate the artist within in a two-day creativity retreat that brings an embodied approach to creative expression.

with Elisabeth Pomes, David Pressault & Stacey Jenkins

Toronto, Canada • August 24 & 25

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Inspiration and creativity: Inviting the muse. Lecture on Inspiration and cultivating one's creative impulse. Presented in 2012 for Montreal Jung Society, in Toronto in 2013 at the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario and in 2017 for the Calgary Jung Society.

Eros in our time (Love, Passion and Transformation)  Lecture on Jung's concept of Eros and how this energy is lived today. Presented in 2014 for Montreal Jung Society.

Looking at dance and other art forms: a psychological perspective. Understanding Jung’s view on Art and its relation to the unconscious. Presented in 2016 for Montreal Jung Society.

Eros as an initiatory and transformative energy in the film “I AM LOVE”. A workshop analysing the psychological aspects of the film. Presented in 2016 for Montreal Jung Society.


Eros and Power: A Jungian perspective on situations of abuse of power between choreographers and contemporary dancers (In French) M.A. thesis Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal 2011 available on the internet at: www.archipel.uqam.ca/3822/1/M11912.pdf

The Young Girl in Men’s Psyche: An Exploration on the presence of the young feminine in Sophia Coppola Films and in Men’s dreams diploma thesis, Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, Toronto, 2011, unpublished.